Denerry Vale was established in 2009 and has since been developed into a beautiful rural property breeding quality Border Collies and Angus Cattle.

Ours lives haven’t quite been the same since the beautiful Jack & Dayzee joined us in 2014.

When we started taking them to training, we were mainly interested in knowing the best way we could develop a long and mutual relationship that was beneficial to both the dogs and us. We knew that Border Collies could be a handful and we wanted to make sure that we could offer them the interaction and stimulation that they would need during their lives with us.

Being the incredibly smart creatures that they are, I was just blown away by how responsive they were to the training and just how much they enjoyed the interaction. It wasn’t long before I wanted to have a crack at trialling.

As our local club only trained in obedience, that is where we started. One obedience trial, and I had the bug.

A couple of years later, after much encouragement from a fellow club member who had some additional experience under her belt, we ventured into rally.

The bug has strengthened and now we combine our love of travelling Australia in our caravan with my love of trialling.

Both Dayzee and Jack are Obedience Grand Champions and Rally Champions.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page Denerry Vale to follow the lives of our two much loved furry kids, Jack & Dayzee.